About V Soft Lift

V Soft Lift is both double cleared for the US and the European market.

FDA cleared and CE Medical Device certified.

A V Soft Lift® is performed using the V Soft Line® palette of threads.
Each box contains an instruction leaflet and labels with the batch number to be inserted into the patient dossier as well as the Patient Log Book.


V Soft Lift® is a sterile single use polydioxanone suture in a cannula. It is a modern, innova- tive non-permanent thread, not to be compared to traditional permanent threads.

V Soft Lift® is a high-end product on the PDO-thread market, offering multiple advantages.

  • PDO-treads with high-quality cannula made of surgical stainless steel
  • Tip of the cannula is diamond-cut and polished for highest precision
  • Cannula treated with an ultra-thin layer of medical silicone, allowing a smooth entry into the dermis, minimizing trauma in the skin and patient discomfort
  • Manufactured in ultra-clean, white- room environment, for pharmaceutical production
  • Fully automatic assembly robot for perfect control and a high-performance production
  • Finished products are blister-packed, sterilized with EO gas, and packed in aluminum bags
  • Products come with individual batch numbers and pre-printed batch-label stickers, facilitating medical record- keeping for the practitioner
  • Extended quality control implies safety and robustness of the final product

There are two types of threads, smooth and cogged. The smooth threads are to be placed in a grid-like pattern for a skin tightening effect. Cogged threads form a support that lifts the sagging skin.

Several smooth threads placed in a grid-like pattern.

Cogged threads form a support for a lifting effect.


Some of today’s leading anti-aging products were previously used in the medical field. Threads were first used to correct facial paralysis. With time, studies revealed a mechanical induced skin tension and a stimulation of fibroblasts to natural neocollagenesis. Polydioxanone sutures have been used for almost 30 years in orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery and ophthalmology.


PDO threads have a high safety profile, complete absorption and minimal tissue reaction. The PDO thread generates tensing fibrosis in the surrounding tissue. The risk for scarring is absent when inserted correctly.

Polydioxanone is a polymer of multiple, repeating ether-ester units. It is obtained by ring-opening polymerization of the monomer p-dioxanone. These monomers break down into water and carbon dioxide and are cutaneously absorbed.