V Soft Lift has partnered up with the most well known training facilities for PDO thread courses for doctors and dentists in Sweden and in United Kingdom. Bellow you will find the links to each one of them. On their websites you find the course schedules and pricing.

For registered nurses, V soft Lift has our own course in Stockholm, Sweden. See below

PDO Thread Training for Registered Nurses – Stockholm

V Soft Lift has a special course for registered nurses who want to learn to perform thread lift.

PDO thread lifts have received a great demand worldwide and increased by 47% in 2018. This means that the demand for registered nurses, who know the technique and can assist doctors during treatments or who, during the delegation of doctors themselves, can perform simpler procedures also increased.
V Soft Lift was the pioneer in Sweden to offer PDO threads to doctors and dentists and now also invites delegated registered nurses to learn the technique in how a tread lift treatments is performed.

This course is teaching the fundamentals in thread lifting technique. We assume that you have a good knowledge of the facial anatomy and that you work near a doctor or dentist and has at least three years experience in aesthetic treatments.

Price: 14 500 SEK excl. VAT

Register here

For more information about our PDO thread lift courses and registration, please contact:
Ylva Nicolae Santesson, CEO
+46 73 989 26 73

In connection with the course, you get the opportunity to buy a starter kit of threads  to a very advantageous price. The purpose of this is that you should have access to a wide range of threads that cover all types of treatments in order to be able to practice on friends and family without it costing more than the time you spend. This has proved to be the best way to ensure continued practice after the course so that you quickly achieve a level of competence where you are comfortable treating customers.

The package corresponds to material for a treatment value of up to SEK 200,000 including VAT.

We teach with two types of PDO threads:

Barb Blunt Cannula
These are used to lift tissue between two points. They are available with both sharp and blunt cannulas of different thicknesses and lengths adapted to the patient's face and conditions. In this course, we will only work with blunt cannulas that reduce the risk of bleeding and swelling.

The purpose of the mono threads is to create a collagen stimulation to improve the skin quality. Combining lifting wires and monofilaments is important for optimum results and long durability.

During the course you will learn to treat within the middle part of the face so-called mid face (cheeks and jaw line). We will stay in safe zones and use blunt cannulas to minimize the risks of nerve damage or bleeding.

You have to bring your own model that will pay SEK 3,500 incl. VAT for the material on whom you will practice under the supervision of our experienced educator.

Inject Academy – Sweden

Inject Academy is a training academy in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö that promotes knowledge and practical skills in order to successfully compete in aesthetic injection treatments.

Our long experience and recognized expertise means that we can offer you an education with a high international standard. By educating you on Inject Academy, we give you the skills, knowledge and security you need to be able to develop your own practice.

The Academy is led by experts in advanced aesthetics and is always up to date in the latest technologies. We teach thread lift with PDO threads. Upon request, we also organize special courses in other injection techniques.

We only train doctors and dentists.

Inject Academy is sponsor of the Council for Aesthetic Treatments in Sweden, REBS.

Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute – United Kingdom

Professor Khanna was one of the first dental surgeons in the world to venture into facial aesthetics with PDO threads. In 1996, he became the pioneer of the success of such treatments, where he developed many of his own techniques. He also developed a way in which he could teach his concepts and techniques in different training programs for other doctors.

Over the past 22 years, he has taught many doctors and dentists all over the world, and in turn, this has developed facial aesthetics on a global scale.

Known practitioner and educator on injection techniques
Bob Khanna, who is internationally known as senior lecturer, trainer and facial aesthetic expert, has trained thousands of doctors, dentists and plastic surgeons in non-surgical facial regeneration. He has contributed to the development of the art "Total Facial Sculpting" and many of his students have received extremely successful careers.

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