“V Soft Lift© has revolutionised my practice. V Soft lifts the face, creates new volume and improves skin quality. No other treatment does so much for the patient, lasts so long and is such a pleasure to perform.”

Dr Elisabeth Dancey, UK

“I am so happy with the results. I did not expect the treatment to make me look so much younger, fresher and prettier. Moreover, I still retain my natural looks and human expression. I love it.”

Barbara Clark, Patient, UK

“V Soft Lift© is a great tool for me to use fore improvement, contouring and refreshening of the look. No notable convalescence. Remarkable is also the improved skin quality that all customers are experiencing.”

Dr Christian Vojin, Sweden

“Just a few weeks after the treatment, I cannot feel the threads at all. I still have my natural facial expressions remaining, and a young beautiful look, like I used to look a few years ago, with a nice jaw line and no sad, puffy mouth anymore.”

Tine Andersson, Patient, Sweden

“V Soft Line© products are easy to use and the procedure is typically short and relatively painless, making it an attractive alternative to traditional lifting procedures. I have used this procedure for the face and the patient was very happy with no side-effects.”

Dr Jean-Pierre Amsellem, France

“Dr Amsellem recently performed my V Soft Lift©. I could not be happier with my result. The treatment is very natural. I had minimal discomfort during the procedure and no bruising afterwards. I recommend this treatment wholeheartedly.”

Isabelle Schiro, Patient, France