There are three types of techniques

Lifting, Rejuvenating and Volume techniques

V Soft Line® has developed a palette of threads and cannulas to address the experience of aging skin. Thanks to this non-surgical, me- chanical lift and skin rejuvenation, a natural look is achieved.


The LIFT Technique uses cogged PDO- threads to create a non-surgical, mechanical lifting effect.


The Arte serie consists of press sculpt- ed, cogged, bi-directional lifting threads. Thanks to a differentiated patented manu- facturing process, without heat treatment, these ultra-strong threads have a more powerful pulling capacity and tensile force. They come in blunt tip cannulas only.


Barb threads are traditional lifting threads, where the cogs are cut into the fiber of the thread. They come in either blunt or sharp cannulas - Barb Blunt Cannula or Barb Star. Blunt cannulas are preferred for training and less experienced practitioners. Star cannulas are ultra-sharp, thin-wall cannulas, typically preferred by skilled practitioners.

All types of cogged, bi-directional lifting threads are placed into the SMAS. The prac- titioner inserts the full length of the cannu- la into the patient’s skin, places a finger at the tip of the cannula to lock the thread and then withdraws the cannula. The loose end of the thread is then tightened and cut at the surface of the skin.

Herethrough, a LIFT TechniqueTM has been obtained. The skin is now smoothened out along the cogged threads and an instant lift is achieved. Coarser threads as Arte and Barb series are typically absorbed in 6-12 months.

LIFT Technique - Cogged threads are placed in the SMAS.


The GRID techniqueTM uses smooth monofila- ment threads to boost collagen production for better skin quality and radiant appearance.

Mono, Mini and Screw

Mono, Mini and Screw threads are mono- filament sutures placed in ultra-thin wall, sharp cannulas. The practitioner places these threads intradermally in a grid-like pattern to trigger the collagen and elastin produc- tion. Several threads are placed parallel to each other and then crossed in a 35-90 de- gree angle. The grid pattern ensures uniform collagen production of the entire area treat- ed. This technique is excellent on the cheeks, around the mouth and eyes.

When using the LIFT techniqueTM on patients aged over 40, we strongly recommend com- bining with the GRID techniqueTM. Young- er patients who often want skin tightening may use the GRID techniqueTM alone. This is a cost-efficient alternative to other ener- gy-based devices, since the collagen stimu- lation continues until the PDO-thread is fully absorbed. Mono, Mini and Screw threads are typically absorbed in 3 to 6 months.

GRID Technique - Smooth threads are placed in the intradermal layer.


The VOLUME TechniqueTM uses a unique mul- tiple-line, net-shaped suture - Netfill - in- tended, intended to be used in combination with volume filler. This unique two-in-one thread and filler allows for a simultaneous triple effect by combining lifting, volumizing and rejuvenating powers. It should be insert- ed in deep dermis or the subdermal tissue, between dermis and SMAS. The effects of the Netfill is maximized when used in combination with a filler. The net-shape provides the benefit of controlling the filler by reducing dif- fusion and migration. When used alone, the intrinsic grid-shape of the Netfill functions in a similar way as the GRID TechniqueTM, by causing extra collagen stimulation.

Netfill is recommended to be used in areas where volumizing, sculpting and contouring is desired.

VOLUME Technique - Netfill is placed in the subdermal layer.